Lack Of Fibre Can Be One Of The Causes Of That Feeling Of Fatigue

Have you noticed that you are feeling increasingly exhausted and fatigued? The causes for these could be linked to your digestive health and a lack fibre in your diet. Read on to learn more!
HappyTummy Team
29 Jan, 2023
3 min read


Your health is an investment and not an expense. I never let my guard down when it comes to my family’s health. So, recently when my husband and I both were facing this feeling of fatigue, it made me worried. Also, my son and father-in-law were facing some digestion issues. I started searching for the root cause of it. We felt tired and lacked energy all day despite eating well. I thought maybe our fast-paced lifestyle, running from one activity to another, our work, home chores, and parenting duties were responsible for the disruptions.

So, I changed our routine, exercised, meditated, and added superfoods to our diet, but nothing much worked. Then my friend recommended that I take a simple digestive quotient test on The results astonished all of us as I got a DQ score of 44.

I missed out on the fibre intake. Fibre balances out your diet by giving you energy throughout the day. And the lack of a fibrous diet could lead to indigestion.

Balanced diet

I always focused on eating right. Now I am more aware and have included portions of fruits, nuts, and multigrain in my diet. To include multi grains, my friend suggested that I use Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains. This one change has helped us immensely. Roti is an essential part of our Indian meal and healthy too, and Aashirvaad is one of the most trusted brands. So, without any doubt, I switched to Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains.

I learned that this Multigrain Atta contains a blend of six different whole grains as Wheat, Soya, Channa, Oats, Maize, and Psyllium Husk. I had never seen such a diverse blend of whole grains in one single food item. This wholesome combination of whole-grain flour comes with protein, fibre, and other micronutrients.

I recommend you guys take this easy test and check your digestive quotient on and let me know your DQ score in the comments.

The chapatis made from this taste similar to the ones made from regular atta.

Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains is rich in Iron and contains Vitamin B1- both dietary nutrients.

Regular Exercise

We all are aware of the benefits of all forms of exercise. Exercise releases endorphins that naturally boost our energy levels. It can also lead to more high-quality sleep. So, I ensure that we start our day with our choice of exercise. I practice yoga while my husband is into cardio and strength building; my son enjoys cycling and running.

Get on your sleep

This habit came after a lot of effort. As a family, we decided not to use any electronic gadgets half an hour before sleep. It has also helped us in bonding with each other and getting uninterrupted sleep.

I don’t need ten different ingredients to ensure a complete diet. One pack of Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains is all I use to make a variety of recipes.

I can finally say that I have welcomed a healthy lifestyle by making some simple changes.