5 Effective Practices That Can Give You A Strong Gut!

Adopting simple lifestyle changes can lead to significant gains in our overall health. The same can be said about making simple dietary changes to maintain healthy digestive health and a strong gut. Read on to know more!
HappyTummy Team
29 Jan, 2023
4 min read


The advent of the pandemic has brought a remarkable transformation of routines in every household across the globe. Several changes have been incorporated into the diet to boost the entire family’s immunity and overall health. Exercises have found a spot in our daily routine; the knowledge about the benefits of consuming a balanced food packed with micro and macronutrients and staying well hydrated has increased manifold.

I was introduced to certain habits by my grandparents, which they believed form the solid foundation of our body’s immunity framework. I grew up watching the elders in my family adhere strictly to the Sattvic diet, which has found a top spot in the To-be-followed diet list in recent years. Here are the top five practices that I follow to a T to keep my family’s digestive system healthy.

Oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene causes a bacterial build-up in our oral cavity to enter our digestive system, affecting our digestive health. It is vital to pay heed to our oral health and incorporate regular flossing into our routine. The ancient ayurvedic practice of oil pulling is believed to improve overall oral hygiene; the healthy fats in the sesame/coconut oils also wash out the toxins in the mouth, thus helping in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Yoga asanas for improved digestion

I began practising the science of Yoga post-delivery. Initially, it was just a simple attempt to shed the extra pregnancy weight, and in no time, the science fascinated me. The yoga asanas not only bestowed me with a mind-body balance but also reduced stress, improved my overall metabolism and digestive health.

Include more fibre in diet

Time and again, my mother insists on the importance of dietary fibre and its role in maintaining our digestive health. As kids, she made us consume whole grains every day as they are a rich source of complex carbs and dietary fibre. For a woman donning multiple roles and responsibilities, staying active throughout the day is a mammoth task, and fibre-rich foods are a boon. This is because fibre keeps us energetic for a prolonged period.

As a mother, I had often found it challenging to sneak fibre, especially whole grains, into my kids’ diet. With two kids, who are picky eaters, their daily fibre intake had always been on the borderline. While doing quick research on tips to include more fibres in my family’s diet, I came across www.Happytummy.aashirvaad.com, which allowed me to compute and get first-hand insight into the digestive quotient of my entire family. I was glad to see my digestive quotient score was 76, which shows that my fibre intake is good. However, my kids’ DQ score of 60 had me worried about their fibre intake.

To include more fibre in my kids’ diet, incorporating multiple whole grains into their meals seemed like a better option. Luckily, Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains has come to my rescue. This Atta variant from Aashirvaad encompasses the goodness of 6 whole grains like wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize, and psyllium husk. It is high in fibre which supports digestion.

Did you know, 3 rotis made with Multigrain Atta have the same dietary fibre as 6 carrots that help contribute to 1/4th of your daily fibre requirement? Now I prepare soft and tasty chapatis, rolls, and parathas every day, and my kids enjoy them sans any tantrums. I have also picked up a few recipes to prepare multigrain bread, multigrain dosas, nutrition balls, cookies, and sweets, with Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta as the chief ingredient.

Regular Fasting

Many of us are accustomed to munch on late-night snacks often. Our body needs a fasting window every day for the digestive system to rest and rejuvenate. An early dinner, followed by a 12-hour fast, might help our digestive system recoup, thus making it strong. It is a practice that I have been following for years to improve my overall metabolism and digestive health.

Jaggery-based sweets

We all have that sweet craving post-meal, don’t we? Jaggery being a superfood, is rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamins, and minerals. I make sure to include sweets like mini granola bars, healthy dry fruit balls, etc. prepared using jaggery in our everyday diet to enhance our digestive health.

Do you follow any practices for healthy digestion? Let me know in the comments.  Do visit www.Happytummy.aashirvaad.com to compute your Digestive Quotient and share your results.