15 Best Food To Boost Your Metabolism

Different foods can help us improve our body's metabolism. If you want to improve your body's metabolism, check out these 15 foods.
HappyTummy Team
29 Jan, 2023
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Finding foods that increase metabolism is essential if you’re attempting to lose weight or maintain it. Some foods help boost your metabolism. If you want to reduce body fat or avoid weight gain, including these foods in your diet may make it simpler.

But increasing your intake of these food items won’t make you lose weight. You need to include them as a supplement to a balanced, somewhat calorie-restricted diet to aid in weight loss.

The body produces energy internally through a process known as metabolism. Despite being essential for survival, it occasionally fails to function as intended by nature. If the metabolism is slow, the body is more likely to put on weight and develop major chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

Several variables affect metabolism, including hormones, stress, gender, and age. But it’s also impacted by the food we consume. Some foods, such as refined sugar and harmful carbohydrates like white bread, slow down your metabolism. Others offer it an organic boost, enabling the body to burn more calories effectively.

15 foods that speed up metabolism

1. Protein-rich foods

Foods rich in protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, and seeds, can help speed up your metabolism because they demand more energy from your body to process.

By assisting your body in maintaining its muscular mass, protein-rich diets also reduce the drop in metabolism frequently experienced with weight loss. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, which can help you avoid overeating.

2. Mineral-rich foods

For your body to function properly, selenium and iron play distinct and significant roles. They do, however, share a characteristic. The thyroid gland, which controls your metabolism, needs both these minerals to function properly.

Include selenium and iron-rich foods like meat, shellfish, legumes, nuts, and seeds in your regular diet to support the optimal functioning of your thyroid gland.

3. Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers contain a molecule called capsaicin, which helps speed up calorie burning and increase metabolism. Additionally, capsaicin can suppress the appetite. Similarly, if you add cayenne pepper to your food, especially after a meal high in fat, your body may burn more fat for energy.

Chilli peppers

4. Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, which could speed up your metabolism. Caffeine can enhance your workout performance and help your body burn fat for energy. However, depending on personal traits like age and body weight, its effects differ from person to person.

5. Tea

Tea contains catechins, which are health-promoting substances that can help increase metabolic rate in conjunction with caffeine. Oolong and matcha green tea can boost fat oxidation and aid calorie burning when combined with an exercise plan. Additionally, oolong and green tea help improve how efficiently your body uses its fat reserves for energy, enhancing your capacity to burn fat. However, like with coffee, results may differ from person to person.

6. Ginger

It is believed that ginger and closely related spices have excellent metabolism-boosting qualities. A hot ginger beverage with only 2-gram ginger powder can reduce appetite and improve satiety.

Another herb from the ginger familycalled grains of paradisemight have comparable results. The results can differ from person to person.

Ginger to improve metabolism

7. Cacao

Besides being delicious treats, cacao and cocoa may also be good for your metabolism. It’s interesting to note that some studies indicate cocoa may inhibit the activity of enzymes required for the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates during digestion, which may hinder the body from absorbing them and the calories they contain. Choose raw varieties of cacao if you want to give it a try.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Your metabolism can be accelerated by apple cider vinegar. According to some studies, vinegar increases the amount of fat burned for energy. Delaying stomach emptying and increasing sensations of fullness might aid in weight loss.

If you decide to take apple cider vinegar, keep your intake to no more than 1-2 tablespoons daily. Dilute it with at least 1 cup of water for every tablespoon of vinegar to reduce the possibility of adverse effects.

9. Whole grains

It has been shown that switching from high-fibre diets like whole grains to processed wheat products like white bread and pasta raises the resting metabolic rate. Also, whole grains help you eat less by satiating hunger.

The high fibre content also moderates insulin surges and slows blood sugar release, which needs additional energy for digestion.

10. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, such as lemon and grapefruits, are helpful for digestion. They contain antioxidants that help lower your blood sugar response after meals and have a low sugar content. Vitamin C in lemons is crucial for healthy fat metabolism. Supporting fat loss also supports the body’s capacity to detoxify toxins.

11. Oats

Oats, a gluten-free whole grain containing several vitamins, minerals, and fibre, are an amazingly healthy food that is perfect for breakfast. Oats include a lot of fibre that helps to lower your insulin levels. Your body expends calories as it breaks down that fibre. After eating, it helps prevent blood sugar spikes that tell your body to store fat.

12. Cruciferous vegetables

Calcium and vitamins B and C are crucial nutrients that help boost your metabolism and are found in cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. They also include a lot of water and fibre, which help your body burn fat more effectively.

13. Beans

Beans are a high-fibre, metabolism-enhancing food that helps decrease insulin levels after consumption. Beans gradually increase insulin sensitivity, and as a result, your body stores less fat. Moreover, beans are a great source of proteins and vitamins and make you feel full.

14. Nuts

Some studies suggest that nuts have high protein content, and your body burns more fat while digesting them. Additionally, they help maintain steady blood sugar levels.

However, despite their small size, nuts should only be used in moderation. If you consume too many nuts, especially nut butter, they won’t support your efforts to lose weight. Use raw nuts because their oil is destroyed as soon as they are roasted.

15. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is both antiviral and antibacterial, helping to maintain a balanced population of good bacteria in your stomach, which is essential for effective digestion. Although coconut oil contains mostly saturated fat, it can be an excellent option for cooking oil. It is recognized for lowering cholesterol and obesity and helps to speed up your metabolism.

Some other tips to boost metabolism

Eating a balanced diet is essential for regulating metabolism. Other ways to boost metabolic process include:

  • Drinking water

    Consuming enough water is an excellent strategy to stay hydrated. Furthermore, some research indicates that drinking water may momentarily increase metabolism by 24–30%. According to some researchers, the extra calories required to bring the water to body temperature, or water-induced thermogenesis, account for around 40% of that increase. The degree of the effects may differ from person to person.

  • Sleep

    Getting adequate sleep for metabolism and general wellness is critical. Numerous studies indicate that getting too little sleep may cause diabetes and obesity, which are side effects of metabolic syndrome. Adults should get around 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night.

  • Exercise

    Regular weightlifting enables individuals to burn fat while gaining and maintaining muscle mass. Adults should try strengthening activities two or more days per week.

Some foods may assist modestly in increasing your metabolic rate or the number of calories you burn. Therefore, routinely taking them may aid in long-term weight loss and maintenance. However, these items won’t make up for a diet heavy in calories or poor quality. A progressive calorie decrease and a diet high in whole, minimally processed foods are the keys to effective, long-lasting weight loss and maintenance.


What foods make your metabolism faster?

Certain foods may cause metabolism to speed up or slow down, which may have an impact on weight reduction. However, there isn’t a clear-cut connection between eating certain foods and losing weight. For instance, eating a lot of protein increases our metabolism, although this effect is typically transient. Additionally, eating habits and metabolism are essential in weight loss. We are less prone to overeat at the next meal when we consume meals that are heavy in protein, fibre, and healthy fats.

How can I speed up my metabolism?

Use these five recommendations to speed up your metabolism:

  1. Get more exercise: Increase your calorie burn in less time by including interval training in your cardio regimen.
  2. Lift weights: Your body can burn more calories at rest if you add muscle mass.
  3. Avoid skipping meals, particularly breakfast. It would help to keep the stomach active because digestion trulyburns calories.
  4. Consume food that burns fat: Protein, hot peppers, and green tea can help increase metabolism. At every meal, include some of these foods, particularly protein.
  5. Get a restful night’s sleep.

What are the five foods that burn belly fat?

Some foods can help you achieve your goal of losing belly fat. Eggs, citrus fruits, green vegetables, yogurt, and green tea are some foods that can help you in your mission to get rid of the excess fat in the body and avoid illness for as long as you can.

What are the signs of a slow metabolism?

Due to the complexity and difficulty of measuring metabolic processes, it is better to make a complete diagnosis of whether you have a slow metabolism or if your metabolism has “slowed” over time in consultation with a healthcare specialist. Despite this, there could be some warning indicators of a slow metabolism:

  1. Sudden fluctuations in weight (weight gain or weight loss).

  2. Experiencing fatigue or sluggishness frequently

  3. Hair loss

  4. Gas

  5. Sugar cravings

What is a natural metabolism booster?

One of the many health advantages of water is that it naturally speeds up your metabolism momentarily. Due to the necessity for your body to increase the temperature of the cold water to that of your body, cold water might burn more calories than warm water. If cold water doesn’t appeal to you, room temperature or warm water will do, as water, in general, is one of the natural metabolism boosters.

What is fat-burning food?

In addition to being tasty, meals that burn fat are also known to help with weight loss. Most of us are always looking for new ways to lose weight, and what we feed our bodies is where we start. Firstly, we all should cut on takeaways and snacks to lose belly fat. It is also helpful to know that food items like Greek yoghurt, quinoa, cinnamon, hot peppers, green tea, and grapefruit actively burn fat and calories. Some foods will expedite weight loss if that is your primary emphasis. When consumed as part of a restricted diet regimen, these foods have been found helpful in assisting the body in burning fat.