Fibre Foods - The Unsung Heroes In Your Healthy Diet!

We’ve delved deeper into the ingredients we use in our recipes and made some interesting discoveries about the use of fibre in our diet. Read on to find out!
HappyTummy Team
30 Jan, 2023
3 min read

Last year, during the lockdown, every second person was either whipping a Dalgona or baking cake. Even a novice like me donned the chef hat and took up baking cakes, cookies, and tossing noodles. I also learned that No dish is unhealthy. The ingredients you employ to create it render the meal healthy or unhealthy. The choice lies with us!

Fibre is integral for digestive health:

A couple of months passed, and we truly enjoyed learning new recipes and trying them out. After some time, I felt my belly protruding and energy levels dropping. It rang an alarm! My nutrient and fibre-deprived body appeared to be suggesting something to me.

My mom suggested that I should include more fibre in my diet as it improves digestive health. Fibre keeps the digestive system clean and healthy, easing out the bowel movements and flushing cholesterol out of the body.

What does your gut tell you?

All the ingredients play together to put forth a healthy and balanced meal. People often take care of fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals in the diet. But fiber is thrown to the wayside.

Whole grains and cereals are the richest sources of fibre. And in any Indian household, flour is the staple ingredient. Our meals are incomplete without roti or paratha. So the easiest way is to switch to fibre-rich multigrain flour. My search ended when I came across Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains. 6 grains like wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize & psyllium husk come together to provide an added advantage over regular atta.

Aashirvaad- Happy Tummy for a Happy You!

Aashirvaad is the pioneer in the packaged atta segment. Their multigrain atta comes with fibre and has higher nutritional content than regular atta because of the unique blend of 6 grains. This atta is a concoction of the choices of grains sourced from the country. The high fibre content makes food easier to digest, and the extra protein helps build strength.

The next day, I made pooris with the multigrain atta for lunch. I could feel the high fibre content in it while kneading the flour and was skeptical that pooris might turn dry and hard. But they came out crispy and yummy. The rotis also turned out soft, and the leftovers remained the same even till the next meal. I was so relieved when my son gobbled up everything in a go without pointing out the difference in the taste.

Since then, I replaced maida and regular atta with Aashirvaad multigrain atta. I have made everything with it -cookies, cakes, garlic bread, and homemade sweets. Everything came out yummy without any compromise on taste. After switching to Aashirvaad atta with Multigrains, my family appeared to have fewer food cravings. We even felt energetic and active throughout the day.

Good food for your soul and strength!

As a woman, our desire to be a superwoman cannot fade. It is food that fuels our dreams and gives us the energy to fulfill them. The right ingredients will infuse balanced micros and macros into your diet, making your family active, healthy and energetic every day. So, choose the ingredients for your food wisely, cook healthy and eat mindfully.

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