Terms & Conditions

“I consent to collection, storing, processing and use of personal information i.e. name, mobile phone number, email id by ITC Limited, its affiliates, associates, agents, contractors and other third parties and its disclosure and/or transfer to third parties for purposes of this Ask An Expert campaign. The personal information is being collected by ITC Limited and shall be retained by ITC Limited, 11th Floor, ITC Green Centre, 18 Banaswadi Main Road, Maruthiseva Nagar, Bengaluru - 560005

I have an option of not providing the personal information as required for this Ask An Expert campaign. I also have an option to withdraw my consent in relation to usage of personal information during the term of the campaign. In such cases, ITC Limited may choose not to provide any services for which the information was necessary. For such withdrawals, please reach out to itccares@itc.in.”